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Sex worker is a person who works in the commercial sex trade like a dancer, escort, erotic masseuse, call girl or boy, etc. In the U.S. this profession employs hundreds of thousands, most likely millions of women and lesser numbers of men. Because it is a criminalized profession for the most part - with the exception of exotic dancing and prostitution in some counties in Nevada, workers are subjected to discrimination, violence and abuse, often at the hands of law enforcement or police. Since this is a multi-million dollar industry that has resisted all attempts throughout history to disappear, activists are organizing around the world to decriminalize prostitution or sex work, as we like to call it. We work by lobbying, demonstrating, researching and publishing, holding academic and community forums as well as performance art events. I'm a filmmaker, so I have made one film on the subject and organized arts, academic and political events. I speak to the media and at colleges and universities on occasion about why our country's attitude toward sex work is damaging to all women.

At it's core anti-prostitute ideology is about a fear of women having sexual power. Women often end up in sex work because they are limited as to how much income they can earn in the legal sectors. Also, the may have young children, be single parents or going to college - all of which make it difficult to earn a living wage because of limited working hours available. Sex work enables some of the poorest most powerless traditionally to become among the more affluent and thus powerful.
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